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Photographic Philosophy

It is not an understatement to say that I am absolutely driven to take photographs. Certainly as a passion, but as I've come to realize, a true privilege. Pursuing an image has taught me to see, hear, feel and sense the world around me in a way I'd not done before. Taking good photographs forces one, or at least me, to get up early, stay up late, work when hungry, thirsty, hot or cold, tired, dirty and possibly lost.  But it is that discipline, if one can call it so, that opens up the world outside of self. It requires a lot of effort, considerable persistence, maybe stubbornness. Traveling to places difficult, at a time inconvenient, under conditions less than ideal or even harsh. These have been the keys for me to find, experience, and with luck - capture an image of beauty.


I consider the Central Midwest - the Great Plains of Kansas and Eastern Colorado, of Nebraska and Southern Wyoming. - to be the exact opposite of the "fly-over country" designation that's often used.. To me it is definitely "drive-thru", stop and stay country: open spaces, perhaps unlike any other and in my opinion not to be missed. Landscapes that should be experienced for their own beauty and simplicity, rather than compared to some more popular destination.


Beauty of earth, sky and water knows no zip code. I try to enjoy every mile and for what it has given me, feel the journey very worthwhile, and one I'm so glad to have taken.

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