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Artist's Statement

Like many people, I love to travel. And traveling for me most always means driving, preferably on an old road through open country. Federal highwatys (from before the interstate era) are good, state routes even better. Sometimes it's just a gravel or dirt farm road. The less traveled it is the more interesting it might turn out to be.  I'm happiest wandering the high plains, looking for an opportunity to take photographs, seeing the horizon line spread out ahead, wide-open. It's liberating, fulfilling, rejuvenating. To stand under a sky that stretches from horizon to horizon, whether early morning or perhaps well after sunset, to watch the light change, the colors cascade, transform and then twilight descend - that to me is absolute magic.


I have long been fascinated by how light illuminates our Earth, not the physics but the result. I try to capture that on film whenever possible, on the plains of the Midwest, the Colorado plateau, in the Rockies, on the Califormia and Oregon coasts.


I hope you enjoy looking at these photographs, and if an image is of interest, I would love to hear from you. But most of all I hope what any observer sees here offers a reminder to walk the earth, look toward the sky, and watch the transformation of light. It's a great show.


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